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Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol

1. Creation of the Ozone Regime
General background: Ratification of ozone treaties (2003): Vienna Convention (185); Montreal Protocol (184); London Amendment (165); Copenhagen Amendment (150); Montreal Amendment (101); Beijing Amendment (50)
2. Impact of the Ozone Regime: Compliance and Goal-achievement

Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol

1. The Challenge of Climate Change
Several expected consequences of rising temperatures.
Global costs of adaptation is said to be $75-100b per year (World Bank).
2. Creation of the Climate Change Regime
3. Design of the Climate Change Regime
FCCC: Kyoto Protocol: Paris Agreement:
4. Impact of the Climate Change Regime
Compliance: Goal-achievement:
5. Explaining the Creation of the Climate Regime & The Role of the US
RI: Constructivism: Role of the US:
6. Contrasting the Success of the Regime for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Difficulties of the Climate Change Regime
ozone depletionclimate change
surveillance easymany activities lead to warming: surveillance difficult
negotiations easyevery country emits GHGs: negotiations difficult
distribution and relative gains problems less severesome countries harmed by warming much more than others: more severe
low-cost solutionshigh-cost solutions
limited controversy over equity criteriamajor disagreements over equity criteria

Rittberger, et al., 2012: pp.223-242 evaluates the UNEP & the WMO of their policy programs, operations, informational activities, and effectiveness in the issue-areas of "protection of the ozone layer" and "climate change."

Further Reading

Key International Regimes and Organizations
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