International Organizations

International InstitutionsRealismRational InstitutionalismConstructivism
Rolemarginal; faciliatate or disguise exercise of hegemonic powerimportant; constrains on behavior to achieve (mutual, long term) gainsimportant; (re)constituting state identity and underlying interests
Creationcell2because of their anticipated effects on patterns of behavior (Keohane & Martin 46)cell4
Designcell2rational choice theorycell4
ImpactmarginalRegulative (constraints, resources) on behavior/strategyConstitutive on state identity and interests; socialization
conditions for impactN/Aincentives (long-term benefits)legitimacy, identity


The following 8 page(s) belong to InternationalOrganizations

ConstructivistInstitutionalism [Constructivism and IOs]
DecisionMakingInIOs [Decision-Making in International Organizations]
DesignOfIOs [Design of International Organizations]
HistoricalInstitutionalism [Historical Institutionalism]
ImpactOfIOs [Impact of IOs]
IOsAndDomesticPolitics [International Organizations and Domestic Politics]
RationalistInstitutionalism [Rationalist Institutionalism (RI)]
RealismAndIOs [Realism and International Organizations]
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