International Relations Theory

AssumptionsRealismRational InstitutionalismConstructivism
actorsstates (unitary, rational)states (unitary, rational)states (unitary) and international institutions
secondary actorsnonenoneINGOs, MNCs, epistemic communities, etc.
international systemanarchyanarchyanarchy
key consequence of anarchyno central protection of security and survivalno central enforcement of contracts”anarchy is what states make of it”
interests of statesExogenous; fixed; security (relative gains)Exogenuous; fixed; welfare (absolute gains)Endogenous; depends on state identity and social context
logic of actionlogic of consequences; instrumental rationality (cost/benefit calculations)logic of appropriateness; normative rationality (norm-guided, role-playing)
interactions b/w actorsaaabargaining, strategic actionstrategic, communicative action, persuasion, arguing

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